About Code Design 

A journal of our journey, mission and roadmap for the future

Storylens, how it started...
For the last few years, we've dedicated our efforts into building beautiful, fast and SEO friendly blogs for our users.

A novice web user, with zero experience in programming could previously login to Storylens.io and build a fully functional blog without writing any code.

The idea wasn't new, but the implementation and the drag-n-drop experience was! We had some challenging experiences particularly in terms of differentiating our product from the rest, but we still managed to have a loyal userbase that supported us through that journey. 

However, when the pandemic hit, and the cost of acquiring new users turned out to be beyond what our budget could afford, we decided to spinoff a part of our blogging platform - the visual builder - into a separate product. And that's how CodeDesign.app was born.
CodeDesign - Revolutionize the way you write code.

After Storylens, we introspected and devoured the negatives and the positives. One such positive was that our users loved our drag-n-drop visual builder. After compiling feedback , we worked tirelessly on creating a design coding experience that the developers would love on top of the existing platform. This involved creating something that would be easier to use right out-of-the-box, but customizable to the last pixel. 

With the new CodeDesign builder, we are hopeful that we can revolutionize the visual coding experience for developers and help developers save time and become more productive. 

For instance, you can create components for your project and export them to code. The code feels human, un-opinionated, and easy to read. You can export it to HTML/CSS, and also as styled components compatible with JS frameworks like React, Vue, Angular etc.


Our small team at CodeDesign at a weekly meet.

Mission & Roadmap

Empower our users to create & build

Our product stems from the belief that a person shouldn't be limited just because they're not familiar with writing code. The experience of creating a product should be just as easy as using one.

All-in-one platform

We want to grow into an all-in-one platform where you could replace all your cloud and web resources with a single development, and hosting platform powered by CodeDesign.

Help build better and faster

Learning takes time, and we want to help our users ease the learning process of creating a product from ground up.


Universal GUI

When you're writing actual code, the backend developer is speaking a different language where as the frontend developer is speaking another. However, visual builders can bridge the gap with a universally understandable GUI language so that all your team can be on the same page.

CodeDesign Road map - A full fledged nocode platform